Beach cleaning robots are coming to Lake Erie

The BeBots and Pixedrones will be deployed to Olander Park near Toledo, and then Hinckley Reservation, North Coast Harbor, Fairport Harbor Beach of the Cleveland area.

More beach, boat access planned from coastal grants

Coastal restoration efforts are underway across the state as recipients of the Michigan Coastal Management Program grants begin work locally. Seventeen awards totaling more than $1.1 million will fund projects and initiatives to protect, preserve and enhance the state’s coastal resources.

Lake breeze can be harmful to health

Regions 30 miles off the Lake Michigan coast are subject to a polluted lake breeze that contaminates air quality. Their toxic reach varies depending on the weather. 

Commentary: Rocky beaches are not fun

Man-made rock armoring installed to prevent beach erosion may actually make the problem worse, according to research conducted by the Michigan Geological Survey.