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Transparency wouldn’t satisfy Joe Rossi, how about you?

Upending the Basin rotation

Many reporters of my generation went into journalism because of the Watergate scandal. Holding public officials accountable – public service journalism – was the attraction then. So, too, were Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in All the president’s men, the movie version of that story. Me? I was more of a Lou Grant kind of guy. Continue Reading →

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Month in review: Carp and Waukesha


At the end of each month, we check in with Echo commentator Gary Wilson for updates on environmental stories from around the Basin. Click on the audio clip above for today’s Great Lakes Month in Review which discusses efforts to keep Asian carp and Waukesha, Wis.,  out of Lake Michigan. This segment is produced as part of a partnership with  WKAR’s Current State public affairs program. More radio news about the Great Lakes environment can be found on Current State every Tuesday as part of our partnership. Continue Reading →

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Preserving the lands of the wealthy

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Val-Kill. Image: Historic Hyde Park

A stretch of New York’s Hudson Valley is known for its old wealth, stately mansions—and encroaching new wealth and development.

In the words of the National Park Service, “For nearly two centuries, this place has been home to socially prominent New Yorkers.

It still is, and increasingly so. Median household income of $71,508 in 2008-12 is up by 34.70 percent since 2000.

Those pressures make it imperative to preserve what can be preserved of the land and the culture.
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