Biodegradable golf balls are on the upswing

Lost golf balls are responsible for a large amount of microplastics that are introduced into waterways. A new company is looking to change that by creating biodegradable golf balls.

A win for environmental groups in state attorney general races

Attorney general candidates backed by environmental groups claimed the majority of seats in Great Lakes state elections. Attorney generals play an important role in litigation over environmental policy and regulations, climate and enforcement of state environmental laws.

Green-backed candidates for governor fair well in Great Lakes states

Election Day has come and gone, and the results show that green-backed candidates for governor won in six Great Lakes states. They won in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York, but lost in Ohio. All are Democrats. 

Cottage food producers want income cap raised

Cottage food producers in Michigan are asking for more leeway in the laws to do business. Proposed legislation would raise the $25,000 cap on gross annual income, allow third-party delivery systems and change the requirement that home addresses be placed on each label. 

Water test: Rending the Great Lakes food web

The food web in lakes Michigan and Huron has changed in ways that jeopardize age-old fishing traditions and raise questions about how we’ve managed them. Now negotiators are updating a legal settlement that spells out where and how much lake whitefish and lake trout can be harvested.