Repairs planned to 78 Michigan bridges rated in poor condition

A recently launched bridge bundling program by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is expected to repair up to 78 locally owned bridges that are in serious or critical condition. The repaired bridges could last up to 50 years before needing to be fixed again and could potentially last even longer with maintenance project.

Legislature eyes futuristic ‘highway in the sky’

Although flying cars aren’t currently in the sky, they could be very soon. Michigan legislators have introduced bills that would establish an “Advanced Air Mobility Study Committee” to review current laws that affect the aeronautics industry. 

Cruise ships return to the Great Lakes

After a two-year hiatus, Great Lakes cruise ships are back, and the industry is trying to prepare itself. Cruise companies will start expeditions in May and end them in October.

Michigan’s recycling rate lags U.S. average

Michigan’s estimated overall recycling rate is 18%, which lags considerably behind the national average of 32%. Efforts to update recycling procedures, policies and practices are being made across the state. 

Threat grows from soybean pest

Agriculture and farming officials are helping growers manage soybean cyst nematodes to prevent a major loss in yield as the crop’s production season approaches.

Charlevoix couple offers theory on mysterious 1679 shipwreck

In the Great Lakes region, there may be no older and more intriguing historical mystery than the 1679 disappearance of the Griffon, one of French explorer Robert La Salle’s ships. Now after more than 40 years of searching, a Charlevoix diver says he’s 99.99% sure he found the answer, and he tells how in a new book.

Growers fund research to aid blueberries

While invasive species are always threatening crops, a native pest is the biggest threat to the state’s blueberries –– the stem gall wasp. The Michigan Blueberry Commission has funded research to combat the stem gall wasp and help growers stay competitive.