Chinook cuts worry anglers on Great Lakes

The big, strong Chinook salmon is a favorite of anglers on the Great Lakes. But New York and Michigan are reducing the number of Chinook stocked in the lakes. Why? Because there aren’t enough baitfish for them to eat.

American side of Niagara Falls to go silent

Niagara Falls State Park in New York needs to replace a pair of pedestrian bridges that are over 100 years old. Sounds easy – except that bridge supports sit in rapids leading to the American Falls. So the park plans a dramatic move: shutting off the falls.

Maritime school teaches Great Lakes skills

Themed schools exist for subjects like the arts, science and medicine. But what about a school that prepares students to go out to sea . . . or on the Great Lakes?

The tale of the Lackawanna River

The river was a dumping place for coal and sewage–which didn’t make residents keen on cleaning it up.