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Addressing challenges of urban watersheds

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Drain Commissioner On Clean Water Challenges, Opportunities WKAR by Great Lakes Echo

Pat Lindemann has served as the Drain Commissioner of Ingham County for 21 years. He’s a Lansing native who’s spent his entire life in the area. As Drain Commissioner, Lindemann’s responsible for the operation of Ingham County storm drains and related issues including lake levels and soil erosion. Lindemann has earned a reputation as an environmental advocate. That’s put him at odds with developers, entrepreneurs and municipal officials eagerly pursuing business development. Continue Reading →

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Finding a balance in Lake Huron’s fishery

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About a decade ago, Lake Huron’s fishing was not very abundant because of a steep decline in fish numbers. To see how the lake is doing now, Current State’s Melissa Benmark spoke with David Fielder, Fisheries Research Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources and a doctoral student at Michigan State University. Fielder explained that the decline ten years ago was due to ecological changes after the invasion of zebra mussels, quagga mussels and a higher predator abundance. Continue Reading →

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Volunteers guard Michigan’s spawning sturgeon


From now through early June, volunteers will be standing guard over the Black River in Northern Michigan.

They’ll be on the banks of the river making sure that the lake sturgeon, a rare and threatened species in the state, are able to leave their homes in Black Lake and successfully spawn in the Black River.

Why do the fish need guarding?

Ann Feldhauser, who coordinates the program through the group, Sturgeon for Tomorrow, says the goal is to have a presence on the river 24/7 to prevent illegal taking of the fish. Continue Reading →

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Mr. Great Lakes: Birds in Tawas, white-nosed bats and Earth Day

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Mr. Great Lakes (Jeff Kart) reports from Bay City, Michigan’s Delta College Q-90.1 FM. White-Nose Syndrome in Michigan, Birds in Tawas, and Earth Day in Bay City | Mr Great Lakes by Great Lakes Echo

This week, Kart discusses the white-nose syndrome recently found in Michigan bats, the Tawas Point Birding Festival and Bay City’s plans for Earth Day. Text at Mr. Great Lakes Continue Reading →

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