Environmental journalism danger commentary

Reporting on environmental problems and controversies remains a perilous endeavor, as demonstrated by a series of incidents around the globe.

Journalists are physically assaulted, jailed, interrogated by police, kidnapped, fired, sued for libel, harassed and even murdered for seeking to expose environmental crimes

Commentary: Fireflies for the win

Sitting outside as the campfire crackles on a breezy summer night in the backyard while the sun finally starts to set. Seeing fireflies start to take their place among the trees.

Commentary: New insights about an old fish

As a long-time angler and ichthyology student, I thought I knew a lot about the bowfin. But recent developments have shown that much of what I knew about this fish was wrong.

Commentary: Walking through change

Going back home is so much more than reuniting with my family – it’s  reuniting with the environment I grew up in.

Commentary: Global warming, climate change and my ice cream

Situated at the end of town by the Flat River, Ball’s Softee Creme is the perfect place to grab an ice cream cone with friends during the summer months. However, climate change has summer shops like Ball’s Softee Creme opening two months earlier than years prior.

December: A Visit to the Museum of Ice

When we were thinking about a new museum devoted to one of the most beautiful and interesting things on our planet – ice – we had to think hard about how best to display and preserve this delicate substance. So welcome to the Museum of Ice, Michigan’s largest museum, open daily (weather permitting) between December and March. Just step outside anywhere in the state and you’re in the museum.