May: Good fish, fun fish, bad fish, sunfish

May is a good time to look for sunfish nests. The sunfish family includes some of Michigan’s most popular sport fish: largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegills, pumpkinseeds, crappies, rock bass and others. They are also among the world’s worst invasive fish species.

Commentary: Rocky beaches are not fun

Man-made rock armoring installed to prevent beach erosion may actually make the problem worse, according to research conducted by the Michigan Geological Survey.

Commentary: Blueberries, climate and loss of community

In the last few decades, fluctuating temperatures in the late winter or early spring have harmed blueberry production across the state. More of that kind of trouble – and more often – may be in store for the state’s fruit-growers.

April: Hidden Migrations

Animal migrations are among nature’s most stirring spectacles. So why do so few of us know about spectacular migrations that happen every spring, right in our own back yards? Because these are migrations of fish, out of sight beneath the surfaces of our rivers and streams.