Lake breeze can be harmful to health

Regions 30 miles off the Lake Michigan coast are subject to a polluted lake breeze that contaminates air quality. Their toxic reach varies depending on the weather. 

Ontario jumping worm invasion threatens to leap borders

For the first time, Asian jumping worms were found in Ontario in March. The discovery of the invasive worms follows sightings in all Great Lakes states except for Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. Removal of invasive species once they are established is extremely difficult, making prevention essential.

Repairs planned to 78 Michigan bridges rated in poor condition

A recently launched bridge bundling program by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is expected to repair up to 78 locally owned bridges that are in serious or critical condition. The repaired bridges could last up to 50 years before needing to be fixed again and could potentially last even longer with maintenance project.

Backyard habitats: TikTok edition

In our newest TikTok, Echo reporter Rayna Skiver interviews Natalie Cypher, naturalist and educator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Outdoor Adventure Center.

Backyard habitats

Backyard habitats benefit both wildlife and the people making them. For wildlife, they provide food and a safe place to nest. People benefit because of the positive feelings associated with added greenery and the presence of wildlife.

May: Good fish, fun fish, bad fish, sunfish

May is a good time to look for sunfish nests. The sunfish family includes some of Michigan’s most popular sport fish: largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegills, pumpkinseeds, crappies, rock bass and others. They are also among the world’s worst invasive fish species.

Commentary: Bullfrogs are my favorite band

Bullfrogs are hard to spot, even though they’re loud and large. Using environmental DNA can be helpful in locating and understanding elusive creatures like bullfrogs.