Beach cleaning robots are coming to Lake Erie

The BeBots and Pixedrones will be deployed to Olander Park near Toledo, and then Hinckley Reservation, North Coast Harbor, Fairport Harbor Beach of the Cleveland area.

Don’t hide your poo — and here’s why

Universities across the globe are monitoring wastewater on their campuses for viruses like COVID-19. It is a practice that has raised some medical privacy concerns, although researchers say there is no way to link the detection of the virus in wastewater with an individual who is sick. 

Ontario groups fight to reduce food waste

The average London, Ontario, household wastes 2.81 kg (6 pounds) of food each week, and approximately half the food waste is avoidable. Local communities and nonprofits are looking for solutions to the problem. 

Indiana environmental services exec sentenced for mishandling hazardous wastes

A federal judge has placed the ex-president of a Fort Wayne environmental services company – described in her lawyer’s sentencing memorandum as “kind, generous, hard-working and honest” and a “huge source of inspiration” for her children and grandchildren” – on probation for two years for illegally storing hazardous wastes and falsifying a document.

Michigan’s recycling rate lags U.S. average

Michigan’s estimated overall recycling rate is 18%, which lags considerably behind the national average of 32%. Efforts to update recycling procedures, policies and practices are being made across the state.