Beach cleaning robots are coming to Lake Erie

The BeBots and Pixedrones will be deployed to Olander Park near Toledo, and then Hinckley Reservation, North Coast Harbor, Fairport Harbor Beach of the Cleveland area.

Flash point: The lighthouse Lake Superior nearly swallowed

We asked Great Lakes photographers to send us some of their favorite or toughest Great Lakes shots and a bit of a story behind the picture. This image and explanation are by David Marvin. Most people have never heard of the Crisp Point Lighthouse, much less ever visited it. It stands on the Lake Superior shore fourteen miles west of Whitefish Point, connected to the rest of the world by only a winding seasonal gravel road. Originally, Crisp Point housed only a lifesaving station, starting in 1876.

Beach cleanup no celebration

One piece of trash isn’t a big deal. Multiply that by the thousands that flock to the beach for firework events and there’s a big problem. Beach officials are left cleaning up littered beaches after Fourth of July fireworks.