Michigan Press Association honors Echo reporters

Ten Great Lakes Echo reporters recently scored honors in the 2023 Michigan Press Association’s College Better Newspaper Contest. 

“Our bench is deep, but it has to be to cover the world’s most important beat,” said Echo Editor David Poulson

Leave them be?

As the leaves blanket the ground in stunning shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, experts say to think twice before bagging them up. 

That said, perhaps your neighbor with the meticulous lawn may disagree.

Biodegradable golf balls are on the upswing

Lost golf balls are responsible for a large amount of microplastics that are introduced into waterways. A new company is looking to change that by creating biodegradable golf balls.

A win for environmental groups in state attorney general races

Attorney general candidates backed by environmental groups claimed the majority of seats in Great Lakes state elections. Attorney generals play an important role in litigation over environmental policy and regulations, climate and enforcement of state environmental laws.

Green-backed candidates for governor fair well in Great Lakes states

Election Day has come and gone, and the results show that green-backed candidates for governor won in six Great Lakes states. They won in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York, but lost in Ohio. All are Democrats.