Paintings, books, music, plays and other arts are effective ways of communicating environmental issues.

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Wisconsin scientists unveil climate change narratives for 2070

In one scenario, the researchers envision a toxic algae driving off or killing nine-tenths of the Madison area. Those who remain in 2070 live simple lives focused on survival. Illustration: John Miller for Yahara 2070, a University of Wisconsin-Madison project.

Will it take a disaster to respond to climate change?

A group of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers on Wednesday released a series of detailed science-based scenarios envisioning life in 2070 in the Madison area’s Yahara Watershed.

The idea is to help people envision the effects of climate change before it worsens. Continue Reading →

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Authors “Canvas Detroit” for art’s impact on the urban environment

Artist Ron English's character Mousemask Murphy, who subsists off air pollution. Photo: Flickr/CC.

In “Canvas Detroit,” Nichole Christian and Julie Pincus profile the Motor City’s brightest and most diverse of up and coming street artists. From murals on boulevards to grass sculptures, their work can actively improve the urban environment and shine a light on previously ignored and abandoned cityscapes. Detroit is a city that needs “problem solving,” Christian says, and art won’t solve it all. But the city is fostering a wickedly creative atmosphere that is ripe for revitalization. ­Christian recently explained to Great Lakes Echo the importance of street art and how it can revitalize a city. Continue Reading →

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