Authors “Canvas Detroit” for art’s impact on the urban environment

In “Canvas Detroit,” Nichole Christian and Julie Pincus profile the Motor City’s brightest and most diverse of up and coming street artists. From murals on boulevards to grass sculptures, their work can actively improve the urban environment and shine a light on previously ignored and abandoned cityscapes. Detroit is a city that needs “problem solving,” Christian says, and art won’t solve it all. But the city is fostering a wickedly creative atmosphere that is ripe for revitalization. ­Christian recently explained to Great Lakes Echo the importance of street art and how it can revitalize a city.

Models help Detroit plan for climate change

Determining the impacts of climate change is difficult.

There are hundreds of factors that determine how communities are influenced.

To understand the challenges associated with climate change, scientists use system dynamics models.

Tackling environmental issues crucial for Detroit’s success

This summer a coalition of Detroit based organization released the Detroit Environmental Agenda. The two-year project addresses improving quality of life through improving the environment. Guy Williams, President of Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice joins Current State to discuss the report his organization helped compile. Tackling environmental issues crucial for Detroit’s success by Great Lakes Echo