Full steam ahead: Amtrak focused on resuming regular service to Michigan routes

By Samuel Blatchford

Capital News Service

Amtrak is trying to get back on track after ridership dropped on Michigan routes over 40% since the pandemic started last March. Amtrak operates three routes in Michigan: The Wolverine, which runs between Detroit and Chicago; the Pere Marquette, which runs between Grand Rapids and Chicago; and the Blue Water, which runs between Port Huron and Chicago. Ridership on Michigan Amtrak routes between 20015 and 2020. Source: Amtrak

Amtrak said it changed the frequency of some Michigan routes due to reduced travel demand. The Wolverine route dropped from three daily roundtrip trains to just one daily roundtrip.

Small airports suffer big hits amidst pandemic

Large airports in Michigan such as those in Detroit and Grand Rapids have seen a loss in revenue and passengers since the pandemic began. Small airports in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are confronting those same problems, but the negative effects are bigger.