Midwestern farms suffocating Gulf of Mexico ecosystems

Fertilizer runoff from seasonal heavy rainfall on Midwestern farms is traveling down the Mississippi River and creating a “hypoxic zone,” or low oxygen zone in the Gulf of Mexico, a recent study by Iowa State University scientists warns.

New nutrient trapping program takes off

A newly funded project in Ohio’s Ottawa Soil and Water Conservation District aims to reduce water nutrients and sediments that flow into Lake Erie, causing excessive growth of algae.

Michigan farmers markets adjust to the pandemic

Most of the state’s 240 farmers markets survived during the pandemic that upended the way fresh produce, baked goods and other items are sold at the popular venues.

What drives farmers to join farmers markets?

New farmers markets in low-income, urban areas of Michigan face challenges in recruiting and retaining vendors, a new study finds. Farmers motivated by their love of gardening or the desire to build community are least likely to drop out of those urban markets, the study concludes.

Michigan farmers markets cope with COVID-19 order

Michigan farmers markets can continue to operate under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order, but because customers are staying home, many farmers are seeing a dip in demand for their products.