High fertilizer costs hit Michigan farmers

Fertilizer is an essential resource for farmers, but as prices rise, paying for it makes their job more difficult.

A 2023 study by the MSU Agriculture Product Center showed that fertilizer accounts for the highest cost per acre compared to other products, such as seed and machinery repairs. 

Michigan golf courses returned to their natural state

Northern Michigan is home to two unique land preserves, one in Harbor Springs and the other in Traverse City – both originating from golf courses. 

Golf has strong ties to Michigan, with around 650 courses. Enthusiasts have nicknamed it “America’s Summer Golf Capital,” according to The Travel Magazine. 

Wetland restoration revives Ohio Lake

An initiative to improve water quality throughout Ohio and Lake Erie is gaining ground — about a hundred acres to be exact. 

Wetlands have the potential to restore the water quality of the Great Lakes, though Navarro says that may take decades of dedicated wetland restoration.

Leave them be?

As the leaves blanket the ground in stunning shades of reds, yellows, and oranges, experts say to think twice before bagging them up. 

That said, perhaps your neighbor with the meticulous lawn may disagree.

Michigan eyeing foreign farmland ownership

The recent expansion of China-owned land in the U.S. is raising concerns about the food supply chain and affordable land in Michigan.

In the Midwest, Chinese entities own around 44,000 acres, which is about an eighth of such entity property holdings in the United States, according to the USDA.

Historical redlining impacts still felt nearly a century later

Historical redlining of neighborhoods still poses health threats to present-day residents, such as increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and early death from heart disease, according to a recent study by the National Library of Medicine. 

While redlining practices are not legal anymore, the effects still linger in historically redlined areas that typically have a high concentration of minority residents.