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Other Great Lakes states fix potholes, why not Michigan?

Photo: Flickr/CC.

Michigan and nearby Great Lakes states might share road funding concerns, but the Mitten might not have access to the same solutions.
Michigan’s road funding is unique because of its comparatively low gas and diesel taxes, lower taxes for diesel than gas and an unusual funding formula that sends a disproportionate amount of money to rural areas. Continue Reading →

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Test kitchen, production line could cook up jobs

Exterior building concept. Photo: MSU Product Center.

Food entrepreneurs in Michigan could take an idea to a frozen meal on the shelves of your grocery store using a proposed mock production line.
Proponents hope to generate an additional $300 million to $400 million in sales and 1,000 jobs annually at the center proposed near Lansing.
The center would be one of a kind targeting medium-sized businesses.
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Local officials convert paved roads to gravel as lawmakers debate funding repairs

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Michigan communities might see more local roads turned to gravel in coming months, thanks to winter’s remaining grip. The rough winter has given Michigan’s road funding concerns a violent push into statewide spotlight as discussion swirls at the Capitol. But road commissions across the state are eyeing the immediate impact that deeply rooted frost has on a local level. County road commissions have increasingly taken up the practice of permanently or temporarily turning paved roads into gravel in recent years to deal with issues of low funding and poor road conditions, said Joe Pulver, Clinton County Road Commission managing director. Last year, about half of Michigan counties were forced to convert paved roads to gravel, said Monica Ware, the communications and development manager for the County Road Association of Michigan. Continue Reading →

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Michigan bats found with white-nose fungus


A fungus that has already killed more than 10 million bats nationwide has been found for the first time in Michigan. White-nose syndrome was confirmed April 10 in little brown bats in Alpena, Dickinson and Mackinac counties. It is expected to spread quickly through the state, said Bill Scullon, wildlife biologist and statewide bat coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources. The bats were found during a routine winter inspection done by researchers contracted by the department. Michigan farmers, foresters and homeowners count on bats as the primary predators of nighttime insects. Continue Reading →

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