Could hunting or U.P. wolves solve Isle Royale moose problem?

With only one surviving wolf known on Isle Royale, the national park’s moose population is climbing without predators to keep the numbers under control. To help restore the wolf-moose balance, Michigan United Conservation Clubs wants the federal government to allow moose hunting on the island and to relocate moose from the U.P., not Canada.

Drones raise issue: Who controls prison airspace?

State officials say that Michigan prisons are buzzed by drones almost weekly as people try to get cell phones, drugs and other contraband to inmates. State lawmakers want to ban flights over prisons, but they’re stepping on the toes of the FAA which regulates the nation’s airspace.

Being licensed is not the same as being a trapper

Nearly 30,000 people buy a Michigan fur harvester license each year. Some are trappers. The others are hunters of furbearing species. But only about half of the people who buy a license actually participate because of the time commitment involved, state officials say.