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Great Lakes cities found at the intersection of walkable and affordable

Rochester is among the U.S. cities at the intersection of walkable and affordable. Image:  Chris Tomkins-Tinch via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve always known that the Great Lakes are the center of the freshwater universe. But who would have thought that they are the intersection of affordability and walkability? A group that’s developed a method of scoring a community’s walkability recently listed neighborhoods in a dozen U.S. cities that are not only easy to get around, they’re affordable to live in. They produced the list with Walk Score data – which measures walkability – the Cost of Living Index and the average rents for every major city in the country. And guess what? Continue Reading →

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Best town right here in the Great Lakes region?

Photo: Robert G. Nulph

Duluth, Minn., got the nod in Outside Magazine’s Best Town contest. It beat out Provo, Utah, with 55 percent of the vote in the final round. Do you agree? Is Duluth the best town in the Great Lakes states, let alone the U.S.? To get to the final showdown, in head to head competition Duluth beat out Minneapolis, Minn.; La Crosse, Wis.;  Athens, Ohio; Columbia, Missouri. Continue Reading →

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Addressing challenges of urban watersheds

Drain Commissioner On Clean Water Challenges, Opportunities WKAR by Great Lakes Echo

Pat Lindemann has served as the Drain Commissioner of Ingham County for 21 years. He’s a Lansing native who’s spent his entire life in the area. As Drain Commissioner, Lindemann’s responsible for the operation of Ingham County storm drains and related issues including lake levels and soil erosion. Lindemann has earned a reputation as an environmental advocate. That’s put him at odds with developers, entrepreneurs and municipal officials eagerly pursuing business development. Continue Reading →

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Authors “Canvas Detroit” for art’s impact on the urban environment

Artist Ron English's character Mousemask Murphy, who subsists off air pollution. Photo: Flickr/CC.

In “Canvas Detroit,” Nichole Christian and Julie Pincus profile the Motor City’s brightest and most diverse of up and coming street artists. From murals on boulevards to grass sculptures, their work can actively improve the urban environment and shine a light on previously ignored and abandoned cityscapes. Detroit is a city that needs “problem solving,” Christian says, and art won’t solve it all. But the city is fostering a wickedly creative atmosphere that is ripe for revitalization. ­Christian recently explained to Great Lakes Echo the importance of street art and how it can revitalize a city. Continue Reading →

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