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Great Lakes exports mussels, advice and reporter to Texas

A clump of invasive zebra mussels. (Photo: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Clean, drain, dry is common advice among the Great Lakes boating community. Now it’s delivered with a southern drawl. The watercraft maintenance practice limits the spread of invasive species between lakes. And now it is used in Texas to limit the further spread of a Great Lakes menace threatening lakes in that state. Zebra mussels are again the target.  They entered the U.S. through the Great Lakes aboard freighters that inadvertently transported them from Eurasia. Continue Reading →

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Photo Friday: Map turtle

This map turtle made an appearance in a garden in Williamston, Mich. Image: Dan Slider


Here’s what Great Lakes Echo reader Dan Slider has to say about capturing this image in late May:

Our backyard slopes down to the Red Cedar River in Williamston (Mich.)  When our border terrier mix, Roari, and I started our usual evening stroll, we heard something rustling in the garden bed behind us and discovered this beautiful turtle with a glossy green shell.  The terrier kept a curious eye on the turtle while I ran back into the house for my camera.  My wife looked up Michigan turtles online and identified it as a map turtle. A week later, a neighbor knocked on my door to tell me there was a large turtle laying eggs by the curb down the street.   He wondered if it could be the same turtle I had seen. Continue Reading →

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Finding a balance in Lake Huron’s fishery

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About a decade ago, Lake Huron’s fishing was not very abundant because of a steep decline in fish numbers. To see how the lake is doing now, Current State’s Melissa Benmark spoke with David Fielder, Fisheries Research Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources and a doctoral student at Michigan State University. Fielder explained that the decline ten years ago was due to ecological changes after the invasion of zebra mussels, quagga mussels and a higher predator abundance. Continue Reading →

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Michigan offers hunting information on cell phone app

Mi-HUNT is now available on smartphones and tablets, as well as in its original desktop computer format. Image: Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Have any spring hunting plans in Michigan? Well, there’s an app for that. In 2010, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, or DNR, launched the Mi-HUNT website,www.michigan.gov/mihunt, that allows hunters and outdoor lovers to view about 10 million acres of land available for hunting and other outdoor recreation. Now, just in time for the spring turkey hunting season, you can get the same information on your cell phone or tablet. It works directly with a device’s global positioning system, allowing users to view maps of 10 million acres of public and private land open for public hunting. Continue Reading →

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