‘Little Red Riding Hood syndrome:’ Wolf controversy in the UP

The state’s Natural Resources Commission wants to know more before deciding whether to allow the hunting of wolves – if Michigan’s largest predator is taken off the federal endangered species list.

They are one of the most controversial animals in the state, according to Brian Roell, a Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist.

Local farms compete with imported turkeys during Thanksgiving

When you reminisce about the Thanksgiving season, it’s easy to envision a belly stuffed with turkey, then leaning all the way back in your favorite recliner for a nap.

The hard work of small-town turkey farmers around Michigan is likely to go unnoticed when many consumers head to the supermarket for their frozen bird

Disease-carrying mosquitoes moving north

As if climate change-related rising lake levels, extreme weather and threats to biodiversity weren’t enough to worry about, now we can also worry about the public health threat of invading mosquitoes.

North America has about 250 species of mosquitoes, of which about 70 are found in Michigan.

Curbing feral cat populations in Michigan

Feral cats have colonies across the state, and their inbreeding, overpopulation and constant pregnancies have caused these strays to multiply. 

Some feral cats are born with defects due to inbreeding. Misshapen heads, extra toes or crossed eyes could be results of incest among them.