Great Lakes make for great moods

A new study shows that people living away from the Great Lakes are hospitalized for anxiety and mood disorders slightly more frequently than those who live nearer to them.

Michigan’s Sleeping Bear gets hot wake up call

The northwest part of Michigan’s lower peninsula has already warmed two degrees Celsius since pre-industrial times, double that in most of the rest of the country, according to an analysis of federal temperature data dating back to 1895.

Large lakes worldwide share many of the same threats

By Ray García

Algae pollution, plastic pollution and waste run-off plague the Great Lakes here in the United States. But similar problems also threaten large bodies of freshwater worldwide. The seven African Great Lakes and Lake Baikal in Russia, two of the world’s largest systems of freshwater, also face these problems daily. During the summer, a rapid growth of algae is among the most prominent challenges in Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. These algal blooms harm the lake animals and can harm humans as well.