A win for environmental groups in state attorney general races

Attorney general candidates backed by environmental groups claimed the majority of seats in Great Lakes state elections. Attorney generals play an important role in litigation over environmental policy and regulations, climate and enforcement of state environmental laws.

Green-backed candidates for governor fair well in Great Lakes states

Election Day has come and gone, and the results show that green-backed candidates for governor won in six Great Lakes states. They won in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York, but lost in Ohio. All are Democrats. 

Water test: Where biology meets geometry in the Great Lakes

How the shape of the Great Lakes now compares with their past is important as negotiators update the consent decree addressing commercial and recreational fishing interests in waters covered by an 1836 treaty. The deadline is at the end of June, the third such decree covering these contentious waters. The most recent one in 2000 was for 20 years, and it’s overdue for an update.  

Federal budget proposal dredges up fight for Sea Grant

A coastal protection program that generated an estimated $86.9 million in economic impact across six Great Lakes offices in 2016 has again been zeroed out in the federal budget proposal after strong lawmaker support successfully restored funding to the program for 2018.