Communicating science with art: how are fish and us alike?

by Weiting Du

We like fish. And we are like fish. Two Michigan State University scientists recently displayed that similarity through art. Ingo Braasch and Julia Ganz, researchers at the university’s Department of Integrative Biology, compiled videos and photos taken during their research into artwork named “Life in Technicolor: The Art of Fish Development and Evolution.” They showed it at a recent MSU science-art exhibition. The art is a byproduct of differentiating types of cells to better study them.

Preventing wildfires by setting them

Prescribed burns do more than prevent wildfires. The Michigan DNR says they also “help regenerate forests, control invasive species, create wildlife habitat and promote healthy forests.” 

Insect indecision: Which should be Michigan’s state bug?

By Indri Maulidar
Capital News Service

What’s orange, flies to Mexico every year and was recently proposed as a Michigan icon? It’s the monarch butterfly. Four Michigan senators recently introduced a bill to make the monarch butterfly Michigan’s state insect. The idea, pushed by a group of schoolchildren from West Bloomfield School District, has some support. But others think that there are many other more suitable insects.