Covering watershed policy and identity

The Mississippi River Basin and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin supply freshwater and drain wastewater for millions of people.

Two of the largest watersheds in the U.S., they span state and political boundaries. 

How to be a responsible watchdog

What do you do when an employee comes forward, exposing their company for wrongdoing? 

Environmental journalists discussed how to handle that situation at a recent Society of Environmental Journalist Conference in Philadelphia.

Reporting the environmental impact of war

Fields pockmarked by bombs, forests torn up by trenches and littered with landmines, cities around the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine flooded and then left with a water shortage as the reservoir dries up. 

These scenes in Ukraine and Gaza are a few examples of how war leaves long lasting damage to the environment.

Great Lakes beachcombers find mostly plastic

Microplastics threaten human health. Exposure to them, especially when consumed, involve an array of toxic effects, including reproductive problems, delays in immune responses and oxidative stress, according to a 2023 study published in Environment and Health Journal.