Great Lakes classrooms move outdoors during pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders forcing people to be cooped up in their homes, schools such as the Detroit Waldorf School in Detroit and the Cambridge Farm and Forest School in Ontario are giving students new outdoor learning options.

The great escape of gardening

Throughout human history, gardens have embodied a sense of near-mystical escapism. From enchanted hedgerows in the English countryside to tranquil Japanese gardens, the time-honored art of horticulture shows no signs of stopping.

Foraging for medicinal plants gains popularity

Foraging for medicinal and indigenous foods is a prehistoric practice that not only has boosts immune systems, but has gained increased attention due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Renaissances: Environment Creative Culture

This Great Lakes Echo series, “Renaissances: Environment Creative Culture,” illustrates how some of us have adapted to societal changes unlike any that the modern world has experienced.

Midwestern farms suffocating Gulf of Mexico ecosystems

Fertilizer runoff from seasonal heavy rainfall on Midwestern farms is traveling down the Mississippi River and creating a “hypoxic zone,” or low oxygen zone in the Gulf of Mexico, a recent study by Iowa State University scientists warns.

Podcast: Climate change and winter sports

Great Lakes Echo reporter Claire Moore chats with University of Waterloo, Ontario, professor Daniel Scott about how climate change may affect skiing and other winter sports in eastern North America in the coming decades.