Two new plants needed to process $1.6 billion in Michigan milk

Michigan farmers, now among the top dairy producers in the nation, are suffering from the state’s lack of capacity to process milk. New plants are in the works for Greenville and St. Johns. We talk to a Westphalia farmer, Michigan Milk Producers, Farm Bureau and Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

New report discloses how much toxic coal ash Michigan utilities produce

Michigan electric utilities last year produced nearly 1.5 million tons of toxic coal ash, a material that may threaten the state’s drinking water. The amount of the material stored in landfills and settling ponds and that can contain arsenic, mercury and lead was reported recently in a study by the Michigan Environmental Council.

Energy alternatives on the rise in Michigan–slowly

The number of Michiganders producing some of their own electricity from solar, wind and water power jumped 35 percent in 2017. That helped offset some of their power costs, but it still amounts to a tiny bit of the state’s electricity needs, according to a recent report by the Public Service Commission.