Federal plan might let states kill unwanted cormorants

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has logged more than 1,000 public comments on a proposed rule that would give state agencies more choices in controlling cormorants that some anglers complain eat too many fish in the Great Lakes and inland waters. New options
would include lethal means.

New fee has pheasant hunters up in arms

A proposal crawling through the Michigan Legislature would require a $25 stamp for pheasant hunting, with the proceeds earmarked to stock the birds on state-owned land and to improve their habitat.

Chicago a bird death trap of glass and light

People might think that a larger city like New York would be guilty of more bird-window collisions than Chicago, but an unfortunate combination of building structures and geographical placement proves to be deadlier than size.

Keep your eye out for snowy owls

A crew of scientists, bird banders and wildlife veterinarians needs your sightings for research on the Arctic raptor’s mysterious migration patterns.