Shocking news for Michigan fish

Walleye and pike surveys start in early spring, followed by muskie surveys. In May, the DNR starts surveying general fish communities like panfish and bass, and from July to September it surveys streams.

Indiana group stocks walleye for 24 years

By Anastasia Pirrami

The nonprofit group Perch America has been stocking thousands of walleye into Wolf Lake for 24 of the last 25 years, creating a rich fishery for the small community of Hammond, Indiana. Anglers concerned about commercial fisheries over harvesting fish in the southern part of Lake Michigan, including Wolf Lake, formed the group in 1993, said Bruce Caruso, treasurer secretary and self-titled Wolf Lake walleye stocking project manager for Perch America. Caruso joined the non-profit group in 1994. “The first stocking took place in 1998, and I’ve been in charge of it since 1999,” Caruso said. Perch America is a conservation group that works with several government agencies to combat  invasive species, habitat degradation and pollution.

Commentary: New insights about an old fish

As a long-time angler and ichthyology student, I thought I knew a lot about the bowfin. But recent developments have shown that much of what I knew about this fish was wrong.

Study shows value of culturally appropriate environmental health resources

The research collaboration among the Medical College of Wisconsin, the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan and the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan has demonstrated how an advisory program designed for the Anishinaabe is a useful tool for tracking fish consumption in Great Lakes tribes. 

Regional aquaculture collaborative receives federal support

An aquaculture group recently received $425,000 in federal support to strengthen the aquaculture community in the Great Lakes region. The goal for the grant is to build up the local economy of aquaculture producers.