Nitrogen air pollution affects atmosphere, forests, water

With every gas-powered car and every traditional wastewater treatment plant, a little nitrogen pollution gets released into the atmosphere. Scientists say it settles into the soil and may even lead to toxic algae blooms that kill fish.

Satellite images detect air pollution in the Great Lakes region

Satellite images recently showed air pollution from Ontario fires in the Great Lakes region. Nitrogen dioxide, which forms when nitrogen combines with oxygen during combustion, appears in NASA satellite images taken from July 15 to July 18. The fires caused thousands of Canadian residents to evacuate. The image was created with NASA’s Ozone Measuring Instrument. It measures the number of nitrogen dioxide molecules in a cubic centimeter.

Lower Ontario air emission standards will bring more smog to Midwest

Ontario’s coal-fired power plants are going off the grid in 2014. Until then, the provincial government has approved maximum air emission limits for the remaining plants. Canadian environmentalists and health officials aren’t pleased, according to a story from Windsor Star reporter Dave Battagello. Activists say the higher limits will “put lives at risk” and worsen the Ontario’s air quality. Windsor, Detroit’s Canadian neighbor, is already one of the most polluted parts of the province, according to the story.

Michigan restaurant owners fume over smoking ban

By Laura Fosmire
Jan.23, 2010

LANSING, Mich. — The reactions are pouring in: Some restaurant owners are fuming about Michigan’s new smoke-free law that takes effect May 1. “The state has stepped in and said, ‘We know more about the hospitality business than you do.’ Many of them are very upset,” said Andy Deloney, the Michigan Restaurant Association public affairs director. Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the bill in December that prohibits smoking in public places such as bars, restaurants, hotels and other businesses. The only establishments exempted are the gaming floors in Detroit casinos.