Michigan producers get free export market analysis


By Jasmine Watts

Producers can find the best markets to export their Michigan-born products, like cherries.

Producers can find the best markets to export their Michigan-born products, like cherries.

Michigan growers and processors can gain access to market research without paying thousands of dollars, thanks to a new, free export opportunity analysis.

Euromonitor International and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s International Marketing Program developed the analysis. Euromonitor International provides strategic market research.

“The analysis gives companies additional information of where new export opportunities are and the top export markets for their products,” said Jamie Zmitko-Somers, the international marketing program manager for the department.

The reports are designed to assist companies in mapping out an export strategy for 2016 and beyond by highlighting commodities, consumer trends, historic and forecasted consumption, Zmitko-Somers said.

She said that China is one of the top places providing opportunity for exports of many products, especially dairy, wine, tart cherries and apples.

Reports are available for sweet and savory foods, alcoholic beverages, dairy products, energy and breakfast bars, apples, dry beans, blueberries, honey, tart cherries, potatoes, pickled products, popcorn and onions.

“We found this report interesting and very helpful as we move forward,” said Julie Gordon, export marketing director for the Cherry Marketing Institute, based in DeWitt, Michigan. “Producers can use this report to analyze their own exports.”

The institute found Brazil to be a new place for exciting opportunities, Gordon said.

“The reports will assist these companies in identifying emerging export opportunities to further grow their global presence and expand their businesses,” said Jamie Clover Adams, the department director.  “New international markets are critical as Michigan focuses on growing its food and agriculture exports.”

The export analysis is available to Michigan agricultural companies and available here.

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