Got art? We need it.

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Lake Superior boasts some of the clearest water in the Great Lakes. (Photo: Tim Trombley)

Great Lakes Echo is always looking for interesting photography of our local environment. (Photo: Tim Trombley)

You might be aware of Great Lakes Echo’s end-of-the-week series, “Photo Friday.” We want your help to make it better!

Each week, we post a picture of an environmental scene or event. It can be anything from the sky to the dirt and anything in between.

Sometimes these photos come from us, sometimes they come from organizations, and sometimes they come from our readers. The one you see on this story was taken by Tim Trombley up in Lake Superior.

There’s no restrictions on what we’ll take. Your photo doesn’t have to be a specific file type or size, just send it along and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you snapped something and think it would fit for our Photo Friday series, send us an email at or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.

Let us know where you’re from and where the photo was taken, and you might be featured next on Great Lakes Echo.

One thought on “Got art? We need it.

  1. I have so many great pics showing the sad and slow degradation of the Niagara River on my web site called It deals with the real effects of the New York Power Authoritys’ “Ice Boom” that holds the ice on Lake Erie. The Niagara River formed and developed over those 12,000 some years that the Great Lakes formed. The normal ice flow would do tremendous worlds of good to that river. Transporting waste, scouring detritus, bulldozing sediment and preparing the all important spawning beds for reproduction. Now almost all of the all important beach or surf zones are lost or greatly dimisnished. Everywhere you see raw topsoil washing into the river. The natural equilibrium of forces has been dramatically changed. Read more about “Ice Boom Theory” by googling “Joe Barrett/Ice boom”. Check out my pic gallery. THX. JBB

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