Disclosure stirs Lake Huron nuclear waste worries


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Ongoing concern over a proposed nuclear waste site very near Lake Huron took a new twist recently. A Canadian government review panel is exploring the viability of a new underground storage facility in Kincardine, Ontario.

That’s about 111 miles across the water from Port Huron.

The facility is almost a half mile underground but little more than a kilometer from the lake. It would hold low to intermediate radioactive waste. Recent comments by a Canadian nuclear scientist suggest Ontario Power Generation, the utility behind the project, seriously underestimated levels of radioactivity at the proposed site.

James Clift is the policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council in Lansing. Clift explains what differentiates the levels of radioactive waste and how we deal with nuclear waste in Michigan.

2 thoughts on “Disclosure stirs Lake Huron nuclear waste worries

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