The future of sustainable aviation could be electric

An aerospace engineering team at the University of Michigan is researching hybrid-electric aircraft to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. The U-M aviation program will follow a design similar to the way hybrid-electric cars use batteries.

Ridership, staffing challenges face local bus systems

Public transit agencies in Michigan are facing post-pandemic ridership and staffing shortages. The Michigan Public Transit Association launched ad campaigns in February to address those needs and has seen many great responses, especially on social media, but the association’s members still face hardships, and no one knows if they’ll get all of their riders back.

Repairs planned to 78 Michigan bridges rated in poor condition

A recently launched bridge bundling program by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is expected to repair up to 78 locally owned bridges that are in serious or critical condition. The repaired bridges could last up to 50 years before needing to be fixed again and could potentially last even longer with maintenance project.

Legislature eyes futuristic ‘highway in the sky’

Although flying cars aren’t currently in the sky, they could be very soon. Michigan legislators have introduced bills that would establish an “Advanced Air Mobility Study Committee” to review current laws that affect the aeronautics industry. 

Dial-a-ride services struggle with driver shortage

In the age of Uber and Lyft, public transportation is still the only viable option for many Michigan residents. But a driver shortage is hurting Dial-A-Ride services across the state, causing them to cut back on services. That often leaves the most vulnerable residents in rural Michigan with longer wait times and less access to public transportation.

New advocacy campaign boosts public transit

The Michigan Public Transit Association has launched an information advocacy campaign to fill hiring needs and increase ridership. The advocacy initiative includes television, radio, billboard and social media campaigns and is expected to continue into May.