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Great Lakes ice breaking all the rules

As dry, cool air rushed over the Great Lakes Nov. 18, it picked up moisture from the warmer water, creating long cloud lines known as cloud streets. In this false-color image,  snow on the ground is dark pink, ice clouds are light pink and water clouds are white. Bare ground is green. Image: NASA

By Cameron Vredeveld

Ice is forming on the Great Lakes faster this year than any other. Lake Superior had areas freezing on Nov. 15, according to Great Lakes Environmental Research data. That’s the earliest in over 40 years. “Early ice formations this year are a product of years past,” said Jia Wang, who forecasts ice-climate for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Continue Reading →

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Animated satellite data shows record-setting Great Lakes ice


The longest period of ice cover in the Great Lakes officially ended on June 6 – much to the relief of everyone who suffered post-traumatic stress from last year’s harsh winter. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] recently released a year’s worth of Great Lakes surface temperatures. The animation at right shows ice cover and temperature for one day each month of the year. The one below shows the same information for every day of the year. In the 40 years of collecting data there hasn’t been ice cover that has lasted this long, said Anne Clites, physical scientist for the NOAA. Continue Reading →

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