Outdoor exercise in the time of COVID-19

From local restrictions on gathering sizes to gym closures, staying fit during the COVID-19 pandemic might seem a near-impossible task. Despite that, many communities in Michigan and elsewhere in the Great Lakes region have adapted existing physical fitness programs and implemented new ones.

The great escape of gardening

Throughout human history, gardens have embodied a sense of near-mystical escapism. From enchanted hedgerows in the English countryside to tranquil Japanese gardens, the time-honored art of horticulture shows no signs of stopping.

National parks offer visitors a wintertime escape

Many joys of the holiday season, such as getting together with loved ones, are on hold this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, restrictions on travel and sizable gatherings remain in place. However, many outdoor venues remain open, including national parks in the Great Lakes region.

Short drive to the wilderness

Located only two hours from the northern part of Metro Detroit and an even a shorter drive from Flint and Saginaw, the Huron County Nature Center is a 280-acre oasis of woods and wetlands in an area of the state known mostly for sugar beets, navy beans and the sandy beaches of Saginaw Bay.

Hunters, anglers fret over outdoor restrictions

With turkey season and UP walleye season scheduled to start soon, the extension of the governor’s stay-at-home order with travel restrictions and ban on motorized watercraft use are worrying hunters and anglers. DNR has made adjustments for turkey hunters.