Deer kill count moves online

Starting this year, hunters in Michigan will have to report their deer harvest online. Wildlife officials presented the plan to the state Natural Resources Commission and said online reporting will provide more accurate information about what kinds of deer are being taken and provide it more quickly.

Cruise ships return to the Great Lakes

After a two-year hiatus, Great Lakes cruise ships are back, and the industry is trying to prepare itself. Cruise companies will start expeditions in May and end them in October.

Golf management jobs on upswing

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there wasn’t much for many people to do other than sit at home. But as restrictions slowly lifted toward the end of spring 2020, many people turned, or returned, to a popular sport – golf – to fill their time. Since then, its popularity has increased. 

New Ontario watercraft regulations fight invasive species

New legislation in Ontario can result in a fine if boats are not cleaned properly when they are moved from one body of water and into another. Boaters are now required to drain water from their boat and equipment and remove aquatic plants, animals and algae from boats, equipment, vehicles and trailers, according to the new rules. It is now illegal to place a boat in any body of water if there are aquatic weeds, animals or algae still on it.

Downhill ski business booming in Michigan

Last year, the U.S. ski industry had its fifth-busiest season and interest in the slopes shows no signs of slowing down in Michigan for the 2021-22 season.