Energy debates play out on the Great Lakes nearshore

The Detroit to Cleveland corridor has one of the region’s most densely populated shorelines.

All those people and the area’s myriad of water, habitat, farm and beach issues make it home to some of the nation’s greatest energy debates.

Zombies promote Great Lakes nearshore environment

Birders, boaters, hikers, fishermen, beach lovers, and swimmers all have something in common: They draw attention to Great Lakes ecology through their activities at or near the shoreline. Now they have zombies helping them out. In what might be one of the wackiest and most unorthodox ways of getting people to reconnect with nature, early (cheaper) registration for an event billed as the Lake Eerie (not a typo, folks) Zombie Mud Run ends June 30. The race is Sept. 14 at East Sandusky Bay Erie Metropark in Sandusky, Ohio.

Assessing risk to the Great Lakes nearshore

More and more, I see a greater dependence on the imperfect science of risk assessment in emerging Great Lakes issues. Studied intensely for years at Harvard University and other leading institutions, risk assessment is something we deal with in many aspects of life even if we don’t stop to think about it.