Stalled Great Lakes energy projects seek relief through NAFTA


This wind farm was developed off the coast of Denmark.

U.S. based companies stymied from developing new energy sources in the Great Lakes region by Canadian authorities are looking for relief through the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to media reports.

A wind company owned by a New York-based investment group is filing a claim for lost profits under NAFTA, reports. Windstream Energy LLC wants to develop a 300-megawatt wind project in eastern Lake Ontario. That project stalled after Canada’s Liberal government put a moratorium on offshore projects.

Meanwhile, another American company says it will sue Canadian federal authorities under NAFTA for more than $250 million for Quebec’s moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, the Windsor Star reports. Lone Pine Resources Inc. says cancelling its permit to explore for natural gas beneath the St. Lawrence River last year was illegal.

2 thoughts on “Stalled Great Lakes energy projects seek relief through NAFTA

  1. It also points to the fact that we should simply rescind NAFTA. At it’s core, NAFTA was just a corporate-conspired scheme to override our democratic institutions of government. Nothing more.

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