Turkey love: Even birds need a wingman

It’s spring and love is in the air for turkeys. The ritual is not an event for two, but three. As Current State’s Melissa Benmark discovered, even turkeys need a wingman to land the lady of their dreams.

Disclosure stirs Lake Huron nuclear waste worries

Ongoing concern over a proposed nuclear waste site very near Lake Huron took a new twist recently. A Canadian government review panel is exploring the viability of a new underground storage facility in Kincardine, Ontario. That’s about 111 miles across the water from Port Huron. The facility is almost a half mile underground but little more than a kilometer from the lake. It would hold low to intermediate radioactive waste.

Recent spill triggers closer look at tar sands shipping on Great Lakes

Last week, as much as 1,600 gallons of oil spilled into Lake Michigan from the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana, 20 miles from Chicago. After a week-long cleanup, authorities say they have found no further trace of spilled oil in the area. However, the political ramifications of the spill are likely to remain long after this incident.

Models help Detroit plan for climate change

Determining the impacts of climate change is difficult.

There are hundreds of factors that determine how communities are influenced.

To understand the challenges associated with climate change, scientists use system dynamics models.

Exhibit preserves artifacts of endangered places

Many scientists predict that as climate change becomes more extreme, dry and coastal regions around the globe will be heavily impacted by drought and rising sea levels. Entire communities could disappear. The art project, ‘A People’s Archive of Sinking and Melting,’ documents these threatened areas.