Hantz Woodlands ready to plant Detroit

Back in 2010, Echo reported on John Hantz’s plans to build the world’s largest urban farm in Detroit.

After cutting through red tape and shifting plans to center on building an urban tree farm, the project is starting to unfold.

Sound of wind turbines could pose health risk

In an effort to increase the U.S.’s renewable energy portfolio, the wind industry has grown tremendously. Michigan is now home to just under 700 turbines, but not everyone is happy about the growing wind farm industry.

Michigan officials plan for new park around Capitol

Lansing, Mich. and Madison, Wis. are two of three capital cities who will receive Green Design Assistance from the EPA. With the grant, Lansing plans to develop a park on the state capitol complex .

Michigan proposes local control of backyard livestock

An important debate over urban farming in Michigan continues today in Lansing. Officials from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and others will discuss proposed rule changes governing farm animals in developed, residential areas.

Orphaned Alaskan moose finds new home at Michigan Zoo

A baby moose has moved into Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo. Willow the moose was orphaned in Alaska when her mother died after being hit by a car. When that sort of thing happens, wildlife officials in Alaska arrange to send the orphaned animal to a zoo. Lansing has been hoping to get a baby moose for about a year, and when the call came in, the zoo was ready to act.

China’s environmental concerns could be GM’s problem too

You’ve probably seen the pictures of the Chinese smog problem, including shots from Shanghai or Beijing that show buildings disappearing in what appears to be a thick, brown, fog. There are a number of things that cause smog, but one of them is the increasing numbers of cars and that has implications for U. S. automakers like General Motors, which counts China as its biggest market.

Feds could revoke Michigan’s wetland authority

Michigan is one of only two states that have the authority to regulate wetlands.

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency held a hearing to determine if Michigan’s environmental standards for wetland management meet federal benchmarks.