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New York court leaves turbine project dangling in the wind

Allegeny Town Hall

An appeals court has refused to order a local government to extend a special use permit for a proposed multimillion-dollar 29-turbine wind farm in Western New York. Allegany Wind LLC unsuccessfully sought a one-year extension of its permit for the controversial project in the town of Allegany, in Cattaraugus County just north of the Pennsylvania border. When the original permit was issued in July 2011, the town notified the company that the approval would expire if construction has not commenced within a year. The town extended the deadline because of a lawsuit by project opponents, Concerned Citizens of Cattaraugus. The citizens group lost that challenge in November 2011. Continue Reading →

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Gales of November

Great Lakes, great wind

Check out this map for a scary picture of wind over the Great Lakes around 9 p.m. Sunday. This static shot doesn’t do it justice. Click the image to catch the animation. Of course, if you’re seeing this long after the wind has died, it won’t be as impressive. Just know that Sunday evening would have been an exciting time for a Chicago to Mackinac Island reach. Continue Reading →

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How the wind blows in Michigan

Wind Turbines in Huron County

The state of wind power in Michigan by Great Lakes Echo

Michigan was one of the fastest growing states for wind power in 2012.  That’s according to the American Wind Energy Association’s annual market report. But the nuts and bolts of harnessing wind energy  is a complicated issue, with its fair share of supporters and detractors. Jim Dulzo of the Michigan Land Use Institute in Traverse City joined Current State to explain where the state stands in moving forward on wind power. Continue Reading →

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