Poll: Where are the best places to live on the Great Lakes?

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Recently Great Lakes Echo reported that Outside Magazine snubbed the Great Lakes region when nominating the most livable, active cities in the U.S. for their “Best Towns 2013” feature.

We asked you to nominate the best towns of the Great Lake region. Now you can vote on them, write-in another place or justify your choices below.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Where are the best places to live on the Great Lakes?

  1. Gee Mike, we thought the same thing. But these are communities nominated by readers in a previous post. Our hope is that the omissions would spur other nominations in the comments. So how about it? Exactly which communities in those states and provinces would you nominate?

  2. There are some interesting (and easy to discard) choices listed here. Some, such as Marquette are great summer places, well, let’s just say I’ve been to Marquette in the winter. Locations omitted are puzzling. No Wisconsin locales? Door County? Sheboygan? No Lake Ontario spots?

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