Where are the best places to live on the Great Lakes?

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Outside Magazine calls for an annual vote for the best towns of America, but Great Lakes cities are continually snubbed. Photo: Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine calls for an annual vote for the best towns of America, but Great Lakes cities are continually snubbed. Photo: Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine is asking readers to vote on the best towns of America for 2013.

None of the finalists are from Great Lakes states.

What’s up with that?  Here at Echo, we’re just not okay with that.

This year’s nominees are: San Diego, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Spokane, Wash.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Greenville, S.C.; Park City, Utah; Bozeman, Mont.; Carbondale, Colo. and Waitsfield, Vt.

Outside claims its 10  finalists are the cities with the best outdoor recreation and the greatest quality of life, affordability and job prospects.

Readers can  vote for finalists on Facebook or on the Outside website.

But Echo readers can vote right here, right now for Great Lakes cities that should be recognized as  both livable and adventurous and with  endless recreational opportunities.

Nominate the Great Lakes towns Outside overlooked in the comments below. Justify your choice. If we get enough nominees, we’ll come back at you with a poll.

18 thoughts on “Where are the best places to live on the Great Lakes?

  1. Traverse City gets my vote. I’m perfectly fine with Outside magazine not recognizing it as a good place to live. I would prefer to keep these gems to the lucky few.

  2. Erie, Pennsylvania. (I second Amy’s vote! just adding to the debate)
    Presque Isle State Park, the observatory, Bicentennial Tower and all its history, great beach access through many state parks, wonderful climate, educated citizenry and thriving arts community courtesy of many state and private institutions of higher education. Never seen a prettier sunset on a Great Lakes beach …

  3. Evanston, IL
    Beautiful lakefront, good biking, wonderful diversity racially, ethnically, economically, age and interest-wise. Well educated and engaged citizenry, interesting people… All the benefits of city life and university-town life with a fair dose of green space and gorgeous Lake Michigan. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

  4. Can we do a “worst” place vote also? The Tonawandas. Holy cow are they on some ugly water. The Niagara River is such a sickly mess. Years of decay and no spring time ice scrub have turned it into a festival of detritus. Green slimy snot everywhere and stinks to high heaven. Thanks N.Y.P.A.! How’s that ice boom working out for ya? Read more at http://www.bantheboom.com THX JBB

  5. Linwood Saginaw Bay, nice little town, people always friendly and helpful. According to reports last Saturday Linwood marina packed parking out on the road, parking for 300, everyone pulling together to control things, help people get launched. I was there tuesday before, whole town busy, locals very helpful, work together for the tourism. Will even give you tips on how and where to catch the Walleyes in Saginaw Bay.

  6. You’ve gotta go with Traverse City which also includes the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas. Not only does the TC area have top quality natural areas, it’s developing a wine and food scene that deserves national attention. Lutsen, Minnestota would be near the top too.

  7. I also love Portage, IN, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Rossport, Ontario, Saulte Ste. Marie, MI, Holland, MI, Put-In-Bay, Ohio, Oswego, NY.

    Okay, I just love the Great Lakes.

    Even Gary, IN and Chicago. mini

  8. I think Traverse City will rise to the top of the list like delicious fat from fresh cream, but I nominate Marquette. It’s fantastic – right at the foot of Lake Superior, endless recreation opps all year, a vibrant little city with at least one good burrito place (how isn’t that a requirement?), Finns living in harmony with Italians, community festivals including Hiawatha – I could go on and on. Thanks, Echo, for recognizing Outside’s gross/obvious oversight!

  9. Marquette – Super Natural outdoor City with Quality Winter activities – super bike and run city!!!

  10. Washburn, Wisconsin
    Surrounded by forest, the city of Washburn is nestled on the shore of Lake Superior’s historic Chequamegon Bay in northernmost Wisconsin. With unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, a vibrant cultural life, and a progressive atmosphere, Washburn is great place to live, a rewarding place to do business, and a spectacular place to visit.

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