Revisiting the best beers brewed in the watershed

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Great Lakes watershed boundary.

Great Lakes watershed boundary.

We like to think Echo had something to do with the inclusion of a Michigan brew on this list of the best canned beers of 2013.

Last year we pointed out that the list didn’t have a single beer brewed with water from the Great Lakes watershed.  Outraged readers submitted nominations and we ran ’em.

This year Outside Magazine put on the list Grand Rapids-produced  Belgo-American Red Ale, noting, “There was an outcry over our lack of Michigan representation on last year’s list. Thanks for speaking up.”

Whether it was Echo readers that brought attention to the region’s beer isn’t clear, but we want you to give it another shot. The rules are similar to last year: The beer doesn’t necessarily need to be canned, but it must be made with water from the Great Lakes watershed. The watershed is that goofy boundary in the accompanying graphic. It’s all the land that drains into the lakes.

But this time we want you to follow Outside’s categories and make your case for why the beer you favor best fits one. The categories:

Or make up your own category. Make your nomination and justify your selections in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Revisiting the best beers brewed in the watershed

  1. I will second the vote for Dragon’s Milk. It is a great beer, and especially good after a cold day salmon fishing in the fall. I also love Bell’s hopslam from Galesburg MI.

  2. The most popular sales wise is probably Miller Lite. Ick! I’d like someone to take me on a brew cruise and be the DD. I’ll take notes and post a great review. Until I get a volunteer, I’ll stick with Dragon’s Milk from the New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI. (Second would be Burning River from the Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland.)

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