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Flash Point: Laura Miller shoots Maumee River ice


We asked Great Lakes photographers to send us some of their favorite or toughest Great Lakes shots. Photographer and artist Laura Miller sent us these photos. Late January 2014 has been particularly difficult along the Maumee River in Ohio because of the amount of snow and rain we received with near-record precipitation.  These photos of an ice jam reflect the challenge of the river environment with the next challenge being flooding in the spring. Although this part of the river had an ice jam, farther upstream the water was flowing freely as the ice had been swept away.  The Maumee River is the largest Great Lakes watershed and feeds into Lake Erie.  There is a wonderful park system that follows the river providing abundant opportunities to enjoy the river.  Getting to the river isn’t the easiest during the winter months. The most difficult aspect of this photo adventure was knowing where the river bank ended and the river began.  You can’t help but respect the power and beauty of the ice when you’re actually on the banks of the river.   As you get closer to the water’s edge, you can easily go through the ice not knowing there is water flowing underneath. Continue Reading →

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Photo Friday: Whiting Event


This photo was captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA’s Aqua satellite from the International Space Station. It highlights a late-summer “whiting event” visible across Lake Ontario. Whiting events are caused by changes in the water’s temperature,  which leads to increased photosynthesis by phytoplankton and other microscopic marine life. That photosynthesis reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the water, which changes the water’s acidity. Change in acidity and temperature then allows fine particles of calcium carbonate to form in the water column, and it’s these particles that cause the characteristic lightening, or “whiting,” of the water’s color. Continue Reading →

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Photo Friday: The edge of space

Michigan State University Media Sandbox Instructor Troy Hale, with the help of his students, launched a weather balloon containing five HD cameras and a GPS unit into “space” this summer. The balloon launch recorded video at approximately 100,000 ft., or the “edge of space.” It was the second launch. An earlier attempt ended in Lake Erie and the equipment could not be recovered.  Hale said he is planning more experiments, including a launch from Spartan stadium.  

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Thursday: Great Lakes Week 2013



Detroit Public TV will live broadcast the Great Lakes Week summit in Milwaukee, Wisc., September 9-12, 2013. During Great Lakes Week there will be a series of conferences to discuss Great Lakes issues, hosted by the International Joint Commission, the EPA, the U.S. Areas of Concern Program, the Great Lakes Commission, The Healing Our Waters Great Lakes Coalition (representing 120 organizations) and Environment Canada, as well as the Council of Great Lakes Industries, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and the newly organized Council of the Great Lakes Region. Issues discussed include how to spend federal money for the lakes, invasive species, climate change, algae blooms and which cities should be allowed to tap into Great Lakes water. Tune in on Echo Monday – Thursday for new broadcasts. Continue Reading →

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Photo Friday: Battle of Lake Erie

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This week, Echo contributor Karen Schaefer reported on the re-enactment of the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie. This Labor Day weekend, tourists from all over the country flocked to Put-in-Bay, Ohio for the bicentennial celebration. Schaefer captured these photos of the tall ships as they refought the historic battle. Additional links:

NPS Perry Monument
Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial
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