Carp czar meets in Chicago; here’s Gary Wilson’s take

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The federal government’s cCarp Watcharp czar is holding a public meeting in Chicago today to discuss efforts to prevent Asian carp from establishing in the Great Lakes.

Here’s what Great Lakes Echo’s Gary Wilson had to say about the issue on WMUK in Kalamazoo, Mich.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality Asian Carp Director John Goss is leading the meeting of the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee.  Information at the bottom of this post explains how to participate at 2 p.m. Central time (3 p.m. Eastern) via webcast.

2 thoughts on “Carp czar meets in Chicago; here’s Gary Wilson’s take

  1. I listened to the meeting, standard rah rah stuff. But they said the asian Carp just pulled off a spawn in the Wabash, without a flood event still water, they want to see if they hatch. I bet they will. I have an E-mail fron D. Chapman Da expert, that they had some bottom samples (muck) in ziplock bags on a shelf for several days, asian carp eggs were in it, they hatched just fine. They also talked about food available, algae etc.. noted bighead carp can root around for food. I would point out the Asian Carp have not been eating thier “normal” native food since they got here. I doubt seriously that the food on the North side of the barrier is any different than the south side. They admitted Asian carp are a lake fish. They also commented about the Asian carp in the Chicago laggons, during a demonstration, they got 2 80 pound bighead carp, they didn’t expect. Those fish were in there for a long time and nobody knew. We could have several thousand in Lake Michigan right now. Remember David Jude only found one Goby in 1990.

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