Cougar makes its way through Michigan

It’s on the move.

A cougar was spotted in Houghton County, Mich. on Sept. 26. Photo: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

A cougar was caught by a trail camera on Sept. 26 in Houghton County, Mich., and a cougar was spotted by another trail camera in Ontonogan County earlier this month. These sightings, according to Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Adam Bump, are almost certainly of the same cat.

If it is the same cougar that walked past those cameras, then that cat has covered some distance, at least 50 miles from one county to the other.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is still tracking down where exactly the cougar came from, but expects it came from a western state like South Dakota. It traveled through Wisconsin – the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources confirmed that it was photographed by two trail cameras in the state – on its way to the Upper Peninsula.

Farewell, cougar friend. See you on the trail.

6 thoughts on “Cougar makes its way through Michigan

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  2. Last dec. 2010 myself ,my13yr old
    & my dad we drivin on 94 from
    jackson area towards Albion when
    alli (my 13yrdaughter) spotted animal said looked like big brown cat
    Dad said no way dont have any in
    Mi must been deer but we r very big animal lover & watchers she can tell diff & was very accurit in details i wasn’t sure wht saw tell looked up cougers in mi shocked to
    learn how often theyd been spotted Im very Happy Lookin 4wards to gettin lucky enough to c 4 myself hope killin them is NEVER ALLOWED!!! U
    NEED HUNT THEN HUNT DEER more then enough of them

  3. Can the DNR tell how healthy it is? Or possibly how old it might be and if it is male or female? This is great news!

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