Septic Setbacks

Ill maintained, leaky and overflowing septic tanks are polluting drinking water sources, rivers and lakes and causing serious health concerns in Great Lakes communities.

AUG. 16
Leaky pipes: Researchers find sewage in most Milwaukee stormwater discharges
A recent study found almost 90 percent of storm water outfalls tested in Milwaukee contained human sewage

Michigan on-site wastewater systems lack state oversight
When it comes to regulating  septic systems, Michigan is a loner. It lacks statewide regulations to oversee the permitting and operations.

JUNE 28:
Local governments search for funds to fix failing septic systems
Leaking septic tanks continue to threaten human and environmental health despite increased regulations, legislation and enforcement.

JUNE 21:
Failing septic systems an increasing health concern
While most home sellers look for realtors, some may also have to stop at their local health department.

JUNE 13:
Bill would restrict septic waste disposal bans, cut costs
The upkeep to keep septic tanks from failing and polluting water is expensive.

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