Hope spreads for infected trees

Researchers in Ohio are getting ready to expand one of seven treatments for a widespread disease that kills beech trees. The invasive beech leaf disease causes dark striping on leaves and makes them thick, leathery and disfigured before killing the tree.

More money allocated for Great Lakes research

Michigan Sea Grant recently announced four new research projects with one common goal — protecting the Great Lakes. It committed almost $1 million to the projects, including $225,000 from the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy. In addition, university research partners contributed over $500,000 in matching funds. Their major topics are water use, walleye, invasive mussel larvae and harmful algae blooms.

Grant program repels Great Lakes invaders

Grants are available to buy removal supplies, like sponges and towels, or host events teaching boaters how to properly clean off invasive species, according to a Department of Natural Resources press release.

Asian carp goes from water to dog dishes

Wilder Harrier, a Canadian pet food company, is using another unlikely alternative protein source to have a low environmental impact, yet a nutritious meal for dogs.