Charlevoix couple offers theory on mysterious 1679 shipwreck

In the Great Lakes region, there may be no older and more intriguing historical mystery than the 1679 disappearance of the Griffon, one of French explorer Robert La Salle’s ships. Now after more than 40 years of searching, a Charlevoix diver says he’s 99.99% sure he found the answer, and he tells how in a new book.

New book explores ecological odyssey of the Great Lakes

A new book explores the interconnected layers of the Great Lakes, from the leadership of local native tribes to the concerning intensity of resource extraction. The book took several years to write to fully and accurately capture a cohesive picture of the Great Lakes and their histories.

Threats to the native berries amongst us

A century after National Geographic published its article on berries, Michigan is witnessing some changes due to climate change and invasive species.