Cool Stuff

 Carp Bombs

To lighten the mood over the coming carpocolypse, Echo asked readers to plaster images of Asian carp in pictures where they don’t belong. Here is a record of their better efforts.



Carp Watch

In all seriousness, the Asian carp is a major threat to the Great Lakes. Keep tabs on new developments and dialogues with our Carp Watch feature.



 Chicago View

Echo’s man in Chicago gives his take on the Great Lakes




Flash Point

Regional photographers sent us their favorite and toughest Great Lakes shots. Check out their harrowing tales and gorgeous images.




Great Lakes SmackDown!

Which invasive species is the most ecologically destructive to the Great Lakes? We pitted eight of the region’s aquatic invasive species against each other in “lake fights” to find out.



Great Lakes SmackDown! Terrestrial Terror

Which terrestrial invasive species is the most destructive to the Great Lakes region? You tell us.




Monday Mashup

See how people use interactive online maps to illustrate environmental trends and issues in the Great Lakes. A new mashup is posted each Monday.




Monday Memes

What better way to start the week than with Great Lakes themed memes?

Photo Friday

Our readers capture the beauty of the Great Lakes environment. Check out some of their best shots every Friday on Echo.




Check out Great Lakes environmental podcasts from Echo and guest reporters.




With help from readers, the Great Lakes Echo staff has developed several fun, yet informative environmental Facebook quizzes.





Satellite Watch

The Satellite watch feature highlights and sometimes animates images of the Great Lakes captured from space by satellites that fly over the basin every day.



 Upending the basin

Great Lakes Echo Editor David Poulson looks at environmental journalism.





Echo reporters have created videos illustrating a variety of environmental trends and issues in the Great Lakes. Check out Great Lakes-relevant YouTube videos as well.




A weekly video project in which Echo reporters hit the streets to compare the general public’s knowledge of environmental issues to what experts think we should know.