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Landscope: Small Saline grows quickly

In this installment of our “Landscope” series, get a bird’s eye view of the growth of Saline, Mich., which has expanded from small farming town to an ever-growing community.

Landscope: Grand Rapids growth

In this installment of our “Landscope” series, get a bird’s eye view of the western Michigan city of Grand Rapids – and its evolution from farming town to one of the most popular cities for young professionals.

Landscope: Backpacks trace birds to Bahamas

Endangered Kirtland’s warblers spend the summer nesting only in certain areas of Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario.

They winter in the Bahamas. Researchers are using tiny light sensors to track how the birds travel between those areas.

Advances in technology help researchers track the birds to get a better understanding of their migration route to the Bahamas.

Landscope: Southfield explosion

Now a booming suburb of Metro Detroit, Southfield has come a long way from a small agricultural town.

The city grew from around 18,500 residents in 1950 to more than 78,000 residents in 2000 before declining to 71,758 residents by 2010.

This increase was due to the growth of suburbs, where fresh air and having your own backyard was advertised by real estate agencies, as opposed to city living, where housing was crowded and dense.