Superheroes build homes for bats

Cast and crew of Batman v Spiderman decorated bat house made from their old set. Image:

Cast and crew of Batman v Spiderman decorated bat houses made from their old set. Image:

By Kayla Smith

The set from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting recycled to auction off in the form of bat houses.

The Organization for Bat Conservation in Bloomfield, Michigan teamed up with Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and crew to raise funds and awareness for bat conservation.

The movie was filmed in Michigan, just a few miles down the road from the Cranbrook Institute of Science, where the organization is housed. So when production wrapped, cast and crew didn’t have to search far for a useful purpose for the wood.

Danielle Todd, communications director at the Organization for Bat Conservation says it was easy to get the cast of Batman interested.

“Warner Bros. has a mandate that the sets have to be repurposed,” Todd said. “And (film director) Zach Snyder is a really big bat fan, obviously. Not just because of the movie. He also grew up in Wisconsin.”

Along with the crews’ artwork, Snyder and Ben Affleck have signed some of the bat houses. Affleck will play Batman in the upcoming movie.

The cast and crew pumped out 110 bat homes that will be auctioned March 25.

Although the movie wrapped Michigan filming in August 2014, Todd says the auction is meant to coincide with the movie’s premier.

The auction will be held on EBay. Money from the sales will go to the Save the Bat campaign.

The organization is also holding an event called Superhero Sunday on March 20.

“Kids will get to learn how they can be superheroes themselves by helping to save the bats,” Todd said.

The event runs from 1-4 p.m. at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. Guests are encouraged to wear their favorite superhero garb. Pictures can be taken with Batman and crafts will be provided to educate the community on the importance of bat conservation.

An outdoor adventure will also be available, so patrons can check out bats in their natural habitat.

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