Biodiversity and commerce in Michigan


A proposed bill making its way through the Michigan legislature aims to put tighter limits on the Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resources Commission.

The DNR’s website says the agency promotes bio-diversity on state land by identifying, restoring and managing “those natural places or ecosystems in Michigan that, together, best represent the diversity of Michigan’s biological heritage.”

Republican state Sen. Tom Casperson’s bill, SB 78, would prohibit the DNR from implementing its “Biodiversity Stewardship Area” program, which he claims would severely preclude human activity on the land.  He says the measure is supported by sportsmen, businesses and recreational enthusiasts.

To sort this out, Current State sat down with Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba and Ann Woiwode, director of The Sierra Club’s Michigan chapter.


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Biodiversity and commerce in Michigan by Great Lakes Echo

3 thoughts on “Biodiversity and commerce in Michigan

  1. From what I’ve seen, terms like “biodiversity” and “balance” “enhance” are being used only to sound good, scientific like. Translation is “special interest” this usually fools the public at large, but hey that’s what they do.

  2. You are going to destroy the rights of private property owners. The purpose is to remove people from the land, to destroy private property rights. Government is today about the enslavement of individuals. Communists are on the march. They are intent on ruining our liberty. We must fight back now.

    Public review is oppurtunity for meddling by non productive apartment dwelling urban dwellers who have never earned their keep in our civilization.

    There is no appreciation for our ancestors who cleared the forests, dammed the rivers to provide us with the greatest quality of life mankind has never known.

    Go ahead, rewild state land, bring back the prairies our grandfathers fought to plant the fields we eat from today, but stop the degradation of our freedom.

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