Name International Wolf Center pups

Now’s your opportunity to pass on your Polish grandfather’s traditional name, or finally name a boy Sue.

The International Wolf Center in Ely, Minn., is hosting the Name the Wolf Pups contest, where you can enter to name wolf pups that will be part of the center’s ambassador wolf pack.

Every wolf pup needs a name! Photo: Smithsonian's National Zoo (flickr)

The two pups up for naming this year are temporarily nicknamed Bolts and Peanut. Bolts is an inquisitive yet camera-shy male, and Peanut is a vocal, robust female.

You can see the pups on the center’s Youtube Channel, or in live action on the Wolf Watch Cam.

Name nomination is open until May 11, and on May 18 voting will open for the eight final names. Winners are announced June 4. Winners receive a free yearlong membership to the International Wolf Center.

The center works toward survival of wolf populations by focusing on education about wolves’ roles in ecosystems and their relationship with humans.

7 thoughts on “Name International Wolf Center pups

  1. Those are maned wolves. They are in a different family than true wolves or foxes, but they are canines. They are endangered and native to South America. (These are not the type of wolves you’ll see at the International Wolf Center).

  2. Checked out “Maned wolves”, which Carol’s site shows. They are from South America.

    I, as I am sure others did was go to the International Wolf Center which then showed the wolves of NA.

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

  3. Okay, I checked out the source of your photo. It said that it is a “Maned Wolf”, which is native to central South America. What we have in the Great Lakes area–and most of the northern U.S. and Canada–is the Eastern Gray Wolf.

    From Wikipedia:

    “The maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South America, resembling a large fox with reddish fur.”

    No wonder it didn’t look familiar.

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