Queen of England to take bite out of Great Lakes lamprey headache


Eat me

Queen Elizabeth II will be served a Great Lakes  lamprey pie at her Diamond Jubilee in June.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the dish has been given to British monarchs as a delicacy on special occasions since the Middle Ages. Of course, back then the parasitic fish was sourced locally. But apparently it is so scarce there now that it is a  protected species.

That’s not the case here where the critter has decimated native Great Lakes fish after invading the freshwater seas through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

So the Brits have requested a few from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, an agency that is tasked with controlling the lamprey which feasts on fish with a sucker mouth lined with rows of nasty teeth.

Interested in trying a bit of Royal cuisine? The Free Press furnishes this recipe.


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